Privacy Policy

As part of the provision of service to you by Parentline, which is now in partnership with Marymead, we need to collect some information about you to assist the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services. This is so that they can conduct performance reporting and research relating to the services that you receive from Parentline and so they can assess the effectiveness of the support provided. This is crucial for our continued funding. The information that Parentline staff collect from you during intake includes personal information. This information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988.

To ensure privacy, Parentline and Marymead will enter this information into the Data Exchange web-based portal which is administered by the Department of Social Services. Once your information is entered in the Data Exchange, your first and last name will be replaced with a unique code that will de-identify your information, when displayed to DSS.

The Department of Social Services will not use your personal information in an identifiable form when conducting its research and evaluation, except where you have agreed or it is required by law.

You can find more information about the way the Department of Social Services will manage your personal information, including information about accessing and correcting personal information held on the DSS Data Exchange and making privacy complaints at the DSS website.



Parentline’s services are delivered in partnership with Marymead. Your personal information will be entered into the Marymead database where other Parentline and Marymead programs are able to view that you have accessed Parentline’s services, but are unable to access any notes stored under your file name. Your personal information about you or your family, gathered in the course of my participation in counselling through Parentline’s services will not be passed on to a third party without your permission, except in circumstances where the counsellor believes there is potential for harm to yourself or another person/s.

Your case may be discussed with other members of the counselling team (including students supervised by us), and in the course of supervision of the counsellor with both internal and external supervisors. Care will be taken to remove identifying information when case consultations occur with third parties outside this service.