Face to Face Counselling

Parentline ACT offers a free face to face counselling service.  Access to this service is through the office telephone staff.  After the initial session, arrangements for face to face counselling sessions are made directly with the counsellor.  Counsellors normally work with the client on a one to one basis but may see couples and /or children in subsequent sessions.

Who Can Use The Service?

Any parent in crisis, or person concerned with a parenting issue may be accepted as a client for face to face counselling.  Usually, the clients offered face to face counselling will have a higher than usual need for support, a chronic issue, a very complex set of issues or will have a strong wish to have face to face support.

Parents may initially present with non parenting issues, however these may impinge on their children and are therefore pertinent to the welfare of the family unit.


Couples may also be accepted for face to face counselling, if they wish to explore parenting issues.  If the main presenting problem is not a parenting issue, or is one that the counsellor does not feel able to work with, the person or couple can be referred on to another appropriate agency.

Young People?

Parentline does not offer child, adolescent or family counselling as such. However, the counsellor may be prepared to see the parent with their offspring if it is deemed appropriate. This should only occur after the parent has had some individual counselling and the counsellor has discussed the case with a supervisor.  .

Parentline is not able to offer child minding facilities so people attending for counselling will need to make arrangements to have their children looked after. Counselling appointments should be rescheduled if there is a child minding difficulty.