What we do

Parentline ACT is a not-for-profit organisation offering a free confidential telephone service for parents and families in the ACT and surrounding area. Calls are answered by workers who are professionally trained to help you with information and support.

Who Can Use These Services?

Parentline ACT assists any person who wants information or someone to talk to about parenting. You may be a mothers, father, single parent, co-parent, step-parent, guardian, grandparent, godparent, friend, carer, service provider or another relative.

You May Have Children of Any Age:

Babies, toddlers, teenagers or adults

What Kind of Help is Offered?

Immediate counselling and support over the telephone;

Ongoing and after hours support from one of our trained volunteer support workers;

  • Face to face counselling
  • Information on other services;
  • Referral to other agencies;
  • Ideas and resources about parenting.

We can also arrange to talk with community groups or organisations about parenting.

Vision and Mission

To enhance parenting in our community.


  • To provide free, accessible and confidential support to the parenting community.
  • To promote positive parenting practices
  • To build community capacity.
  • To inform social policy about parenting issues.
  • To facilitate excellence in counselling and support.

Identity & Values

Parentline is an organisation which:

  • respects the essential humanity, worth and dignity of all people and promotes this value in our work
  • uses a respectful, non-judgmental, client-centred counselling framework
  • gives sufficient time for clients to talk about issues affecting them.
  • emphasises, acknowledges and builds on the existing strengths of parents.
  • acknowledges the rights of parents and other clients to make their own choices, within the constraints of child protection legislation.
  • allows clients in crisis and needing support to use the service as often as is needed.
  • invites feedback about the counselling and support given.
  • recognises and respects diversity and is sensitive and aware of cultural, gender, lifestyle, age and religious differences.
  • respects and preserves the privacy and confidentiality of information of our clients
  • fosters an organisational environment of professionalism, respect, care, support and cooperation.
  • actively facilitates the maintenance and development of the competence of all our workers

These values are consistent with the ethical principles set down by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA). 

Parentline Annual Report 2019-2020